Build a strong online presence and build your career

Whether you’ve just graduated or looking for a new challenge, social media can help you make real progress in your career. Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, present an incredible opportunity–...

So what is an electronic signature exactly you may be wondering?

An electronic signature or eSignature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents. It replaces a handwritten signature in virtually any process. It makes the signing of–...

The Joys of Multiposting

Stop! Have you just spent the last three hours posting the same job to a whole heap of individual job boards, one by one?

The Character of a Company

Why do we love visiting certain pubs? Why do we prize some houses so much more than others? Why do we speak fondly of certain people?

Empowering your Employees to Champion your Company Culture

We’re always told how important company culture is to your employer brand and your ability to attract talent. But there’s a disconnect between this term and the people who apparently experience it–...

The Death of the Job Interview

My first job interview turned out to be quite an experience. When I originally joined the BBC, way back in the early 1990s, it was as a trainee. The interview was half an hour long. Which meant, when–...

How to Advertise a job

Job Advertising can be tricky, and you need to invest time to make the right decisions, to help you get the best return possible from placing a job advert.

Managing expectations: the most important skill for volume recruitment

In the legal sector, the term smoking gun refers to the piece of evidence that makes it impossible for the opposing team to win the case. By finding the smoking gun you make the other party guilty.

Cutting the costs of social care recruitment

Recruitment is expensive. There are the direct costs of advertising and recruitment agencies as well as the cost of your time in drafting job descriptions and adverts, finding the correct place to–...

How to enhance soft skills and the ‘human touch’ in recruitment with technology

Here’s how businesses can enhance soft skills and the ‘human touch’ in their recruitment process with the help of technology.