This week CEO Darren Brown and his ‘caricature’ talks about the new revolution in recruitment and how he puts it ‘there’s a change acomin'.


Before we kick things off, let’s start with a question - When was the last time you updated your resume? We’re guessing you’ll have to cast your mind back. Now answer me this, when did you last update your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? I bet you’ll remember that one no problem! And herein lies the need for a social shake up and data domination.

As business goes, there’s one asset that never goes out of fashion - staff. For too long recruitment has claimed to put these footsoldiers first but the techniques and tools for targeting talent do very little to really get to grips with the people beyond the page. But there’s a change acomin’...

The classic resume will never go completely extinct so don’t panic! Tech had pushed it into evolving and it’s adapting nicely but the traditional means are losing their footing. There’s a new kid on the block and he has social on his side - big data.

The truths of evolving recruitment - Viva la revolution!

So what does the future of recruitment have in store for us? In short, change. Traditional methods, such as the humble resume and interview, will always be in vogue but as time and candidates change, so too do the means by which we communicate and hire.

Recruiters and employers can’t stick their head in the sand anymore. The first step is accepting the ‘truths’ of our evolving industry and citing the factors that can help employers find, hire and retain the best talent. Check out our ‘truths’. If these don’t convince you that change is on the horizon and that revolution is required, nothing will.

Digital is shaping a new hiring model.

Obviously online applications and the likes of LinkedIn are gaining major traction. They’ve given birth to a new hiring model that’s digital through and through. It’s about more than methods and tools, digital has forced employers and recruiters to look at credentials differently. Oh and video has transformed the interview stage, providing a more streamlined process overall.

Insight is king.

Looking beyond qualifications and recommendations has now become an everyday practice. An emphasis on culture has lead employers to approach insight differently, they want to know who a candidate is. Recruiters are now turning to tools that champion social media, data and tech to give them the insight they crave.

Resumes are not just paper anymore.

Resumes are no longer the be all and end all, social networks are painting a picture of selves, skills and experiences. Now a collection of candidate and online data, these ‘resumes’ are packed with character, passions and soft skills galore.

Passive candidates are on the rise.

Modern candidates have been raised on a diet of tech and trends. They have a deep belief that opportunity is always around the corner and they should be privy to it, whether employed or not. Employers that fail to cater to this growing crowd and their needs run the risk of neglecting their next wave of employees.

Assessing ‘fit’ is hiring 101.

What’s on paper can rarely hint at ‘fit’. So much of this is down to personality and personal goals, something that can only be communicated through gaining a three dimensional understanding of a candidate’s life and experiences.

Big data, big impact.

Social media and digital delights have widened talent pools but they can drown recruiters in data too. It’s a fortunate position to be in, without a doubt, but don’t take the dive if you don’t know how to swim. Throwing yourself into a world of data will be a wasted exercise if you don’t have the understanding or tools to decipher it all.

Essentially, big data is simply the info that pours out of social networks and profiles - any and all insight. There’s no use in embracing and driving for all this data without the analytical know-how needed to make sense of it all. Who has time to manually scour and savour all this info? No one. Don’t be overwhelmed though, there’s some great tools and programs out there to turn this data into dynamite strategies and decisions.

The wonders of big data - A quick hit list.

  • It can inform recruitment strategies and uncover passive candidates to target.
  • It can help predict opportunities that will get a bite and identify candidates readiness for a challenge.
  • It allows recruiters to get down to doing what they do best - hiring, rather than spending hours on research and assessment.
  • It offers recruiters a big picture, holistic view of candidates.
  • It speeds up the recruitment process.

No one is putting the golden oldies to death here, it’s all about staying loyal to the eternal recruitment principles of communication, personalisation and a stellar candidate experience - all things big data and digital can emphasise.

Scoping out social media only paints a surface picture. Too many recruiters make the mistake of putting all their recruitment eggs in the social basket. While it’s a great step in the right direction, something more sophisticated is needed to drive the change forward. And this is where data and its effective analysis come into play.

These are just my thoughts on the ‘Recruitment’s Revolution’, but I’d love to hear yours. Find me on LinkedIn or just drop me an email here! Darren Brown.

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  • (Click to tweet) Digital has forced employers and recruiters to look at credentials differently.
  • (Click to tweet) Looking beyond qualifications has now become an everyday practice.
  • (Click to tweet) Resumes are not just paper anymore.
  • (Click to tweet) What’s on paper can rarely hint at ‘fit’.
  • (Click to tweet) The techniques for targeting talent do little to get to grips with people beyond the page.



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