Graduate job offer rejections can totally take the wind out of your recruitment sails.


Leaving you in the lurch after hours sorting through paperwork, discussing your processes, and prepping them to start will make you feel a li'l short-changed.

So, let's have a gander at how likely it is you'll find yourself in this situation, and what you can do to keep graduate candidates on board.

What's the deal with graduate job offer rejections?

We've always known those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed grads can be a little scatty when it comes to life decisions. And, when it comes to recruitment, a trend seems to have emerged.

New research has found a whopping 70% of graduates would go back on a job offer after initially accepting. And, that's not all bluff and bluster - 30% have already done so!

Why so many graduate job offer rejections? Well, demand is huge. 79% of employers want more grads on their books, but a hefty 87% are struggling to find the right people.

This creates a super-competitive candidate-led market, where grads can cherry-pick the best offers and can afford to be brazen about it.

That's not all; throw restrictive recruitment strategies and evolving employer motivations into the mix, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster.

So, how can I tempt them to stick around?

There's no easy answer - you're just gonna have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with some of these useful techniques:

1) Light up the exit door

It might sound counter-productive, but this'll help you get a handle on things before it's too late. Loads of wide-eyed grads reject job offers further down the line because they didn't know how to say 'no' at the right time.

Spell out when it's best to hop off. Give them a couple of chances - this could be during an interview or via email, so they don't feel pressured to respond face-to-face. Reassure them that making a confident decision now would be best all-round.

2) Get down with the youth

Without using cheesy lines like this, try to make your employer brand as grad-friendly as possible. After all, today's grads care about completely different things to their parents' generation.

They want to see that you're teched-up to the nines, with a swish employer website and loads of social media engagement. Grads also care more about things like training, work/life balance and diversity, so put these front-and-centre.

3) Leave a good taste

Making grads crave a job at your place will help put a lid on any urge to drop out after they've accepted your offer.

Be as helpful and polite as you can, to give them an unforgettable experience. Make sure you answer their questions quickly and help them navigate your hiring process. Promote your company culture; try to come off as relaxed, supportive, and not afraid to play once the work is done.

Don't let graduate job offer rejections put you off hiring energetic and innovative young staff. Just follow these simple steps and grads will find it hard to turn you down. 


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