With recruiters finally starting to give candidates the respect they deserve, it looked like things were going pretty well but then something interesting happened - candidates started getting majorly confident... Yep, candidates everywhere knew their skill sets were worth big bucks. Recruiters and employers were left twiddling their thumbs as these multi-level knowledge candidates knew more about progressive industries and hybrid roles than we did!

Perhaps this twiddling was down to the fact that some of us didn’t see these impressive, evolving skill sets as anything more than the usual hard/soft packages? If we all had a little more awareness as to the talent trends coming our way we would be more able to serve candidates in a better, impactful way?

Skill sets are expanding and crossover roles are ruling the roost. Employers are now looking for candidates that can move across the sectors such as tech, marketing or finance, so there’s a huge demand for these genius all-rounders.

2014’s talent trends centre around getting to the nitty gritty of once stereotyped roles, taking a fresh look at the meaning behind tech and being more about passion than performance.

Big data - Much feared, soon to be better respected

When most of us think of data we think of mindless, robot-like sifting and reporting, and herein lies the problem. Big data isn’t like that at all.

Data is fast becoming the lifeblood of business and anyone that can work with it is a champion. Businesses want to get data-savvy and are looking to process more and more of the stuff as quickly as possible. This requires an innovative, strategically-minded person - less of a processor, more of a visionary.

This analytical love has seen a boost in demand for the likes of IT maestros and data gurus who can predict trends, recognise potential and form strategies. It requires a precise and prized set of skills, all tied up in a strategical, creatively-minded bow.

It’s a top down type of change here. These data gladiators need to be supported by a new vein of leaders who see the weight data holds. If these roles are filled with progressive thinkers, the good vibes will drip down and empower these data ground troops, not to mention the wider workforce.

Goodbye to the ‘fit for today’ employees - Invest in a passion for learning.

An appetite for learning will be one of 2014’s most sought after skills. Too many candidates fill today’s quota but lack in tomorrow’s, and there’s your retention problem.

It is an employer’s responsibility to have initiatives in place to nurture raw, untapped talent simmering under the surface. Spot potential and do something special with it, while doing wonders for your employer brand at the same time!

Perhaps this requires a less rigid interview process, a more creative screening method or maybe just a little more of the good old fashioned one-to-one interaction? Passion is often pushed to the side when it comes to candidate attributes but this is one of the most powerful tools employers can utilise. A willingness to learn, develop and grow within a company makes for happy employees, a progressive employer brand and a great rate of retention.

Markets are changing, borders are disappearing and job roles evolving. This trend toolbox is growing every day, some are fleeting, some are permanent. Being in-tune with the reasons for using new techs or tools is what gives any action longevity and impact. Multi-skilled workforces will survive the dicey, competitive fight for top talent. So how about we all take a leaf out of their book and be a better rounded, more aware part of the recruitment cycle.

These are just my humble thoughts on Talent Trends, but I’d love to hear yours .Just drop me an email here! Roy Hills


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